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What Work Have We Done?

The simple answer is just about anything you can imagine. In our years we have worked with hundred's of companies in the industry at all different levels. We always remember to put the enthusiast first because we are enthusiasts. We know what other enthusiasts will or won't like and apply that to our marketing. Give us a shout so we can make the difference for your company! Here's a few different clients we have worked with and what we have done to help with their marketing program.

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Baer Brakes

When the print industry went away, Baer knew they needed to dive in the digital Marketing world. They reached out to us to take over the entire Marketing program to bring it up to speed in a digital world. We handled everything from ad buys, to sponsorship, all the way to social media.

American Powertrain

American Powertrain, the largest Tremec dealer produces a lot of content. We came in to help shoot and edit videos, write stories and edit pictures.

Mid Atlantic Muscle Cars

The premiere restoration shop in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic Muscle Cars needed a website. We created site to professionally display projects and information so they could what they do best - restore cars.

QA1 Motorsports

An ultra-high performance suspension manufacture, QA1 knew we had the knowledge. They reached out to us to create unique content for their site. These articles are heavy tech based with suspension knowledge that helps the user with their own project car.


Lateral-G was an established forum. They came to us wanting to take their forum to the next level. We helped by designing a digital magazine along with creating content for it, securing sponsorship's, creating a social media presence and marketing Lateral-G as a whole. They loved that they could basically hand over the keys while we took the wheel and grew the site.

UMI Performance

When the time came to launch a new site, UMI Performance knew that only having product on the site wouldn't cut it. They reached out to us to help create exclusive SEO ranked content for their site. We cover events, car features, tech installs and more for UMI Performance!

Painless Performance

Painless Performance, a high quality wiring manufacture in Fort Worth, TX needed some help. We worked hand-in-hand with them on video production and running their social media accounts to free up their Marketing for other important tasks.

Pro Touring Texas

When Pro Touring Texas decided to take their business to the next level, they needed a new website. They reached out to us to create a website that would showcase their work properly while maintaining a specific brand image.

Ground Up Restorations

A large restoration parts warehouse, Ground Up is always looking to help it's customers with their rides. They reached out to us to write tech articles on various restoration topics that they could share with their customers to help bring their cars back and better than new.

TCI Engineering

A premium chassis manufacture in Southern California, Total Cost Involved asked for copy editing help. With a killer product they wanted to make sure the public knew about it and wanted the copy to grab readers attention.

TMI Products

TMI Products is a powerhouse in the automotive aftermarket community. With so many different projects going on, they needed some help with consulting on a few of them. We came in, reviewed what they were doing and gave our criticisms to help guide their Marketing department. We also helped to catalog installations for their site so that customers could easily install their products.

Rev'd Media Group

One of the fastest growing digital media groups, Rev'd Media needed some help. They were experiencing growing pains and reached out to us. We stepped up to the plate and took over Sales for Rev'd Media Group so they could focus on creating some of the best content on the web. In addition we also brought in our other client, Lateral-G to help round out their digital publications and offer more to their readers.

Viking Performance is a leader in the aftermarket shock world. We worked closely with them to complete new product photography, car features and tech installs. Creating content was another item we worked with and helped to launch their latest products.

FiTech started a revolution in the injection market. Affordable fuel injection was now available to the masses. We helped with product launches, technical videos, and photography.

"It's not about getting from point A to point B. It is the point."


"I love horsepower." - Carroll Shelby


Red Goat Marketing is a complete turn-key marketing solution for your business. We have some of the best people in the business to accomplish that. Established back in 2014, we have taken our years of automotive expertise to form Red Goat Marketing. We aren't going to sugar coat and give you some bullshit about how great we are - we know what we do and have the track record to back that up. Don't believe us? Reach out and give us a call.

"My wife wants to have sex in the back of the car and she wants me to drive!" - Rodney Dangerfield


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"I am so obsessed with cars that sometimes I feel like my heart is not a muscle, it's an engine." - Amit Kalantri

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