Marketing: Tell Them Their Story

“Don’t tell the man how great your grass seed is, tell the man how great his lawn is going to look.”
I’m a bit of a talker at times. People seem to always want to tell me their life story, whether I ask them to or not. I don’t mind though.
Yesterday, I called up an insurance company to get a quote. The quote took about 5-10 mins, but 40 minutes later I finally got off the phone with the gentleman. He told me that quote yesterday as we were discussing communications and marketing and it really makes a lot of sense. Something that can easily be forgotten.
Sure, Budweiser and Pepsi have the marketing dollars to blow to tell you how great they are. But for us we need to create the value – to tell the story for our customers. When your marketing budget is small, every penny counts. Don’t focus on just getting your brand out there. Focus on telling the story of how your brand is going to make that persons life better. If you’re a mechanic, don’t talk about how great your shop is and how many certifications you have. Tell them how good their car will be for them after you’ve serviced it.
Just food for thought.